Introducing | Team Picture – (I Have A) Little Secret

Team Picture have released a handful of tracks since their debut last year, and have built a steady and deserved following in the process. The latest of these, ‘(I Have A) Little Secret’ is arguably their best to date. Driven by its jangling guitar line, it lulls the listener in before 80s-tinged synths take the song by the scruff of the neck, before falling away and leaving gentle vocals, guitars, and drums once more at the fore. It is strikingly individual and irresistible all at once, and is hopefully the sign of much more to come from Team Picture.


Introducing | la lune – (you keep me) sane

Brighton-based artist and blog fave la lune has today unveiled her debut EP. Self-produced, it features previous singles ‘barcelona’ and ‘lucid’, as well as two previously-unheard tracks. Of these, it is arguably the EP’s closing track that demands the most attention. ‘(you keep me) sane’ shows a side to la lune’s music that we haven’t really heard before, with the song mainly built around a catchy chorus in more of a pop style than she has previously used. She takes the change in her stride, though, maintaining her signature delicacy and ethereal beauty to the song that is often lacking from similarly-focused tracks. Take a listen to the EP below.

Introducing | Henry Green – Another Light

Having been steadily building a name for himself over the past couple of years, Henry Green has announced his debut album along with a new single, ‘Another Light’. It is further evidence of the impressive growth of Green as an artist, as he seems to have carved out his own area within an otherwise crowded genre. His music is defined by its beautiful and atmospheric soundscapes, and ‘Another Light’ continues that trend. It’s never in your face, but gnaws away and demands attention, with Green’s gentle vocals as ever the perfect accompaniment to the music around them. His debut album ‘Shift’ will be released on the 30th March, check out ‘Another Light’ below.

Introducing | Yawwn – Partisan

London-based band Yawwn have announced themselves in stellar fashion with their debut track ‘Partisan’. They blend aspects of indie, funk, and psych in their somewhat eclectic first offering, and it works perfectly. From the off, ‘Partisan’ grabs your attention, with the hook of ‘I have a feeling that I’ll need you always’ at once engrossing and difficult to shake. It’s an exciting start from the five-piece, and the early evidence would suggest that, conversely to their name, Yawwn are the breath of fresh air that the British indie scene needs.

Introducing | LUME – Tip of Your Thumb

Brighton-based artist LUME turned heads with her first single ‘Magnets’ a few months back, and she’s followed it up in similarly strong fashion with ‘Tip of Your Thumb’. About the track, she describes how she ‘wanted the song to feel like it was playful, whilst relaying a deeper message’, and that veneer of a more lighthearted song is palpable. Once the surface has been scratched back, though, it reveals itself as a critique of modern society’s obsession with social media, and the track is complete with the sound of typing interspersed throughout. It continues the electro-pop base on which she rooted her first release, but adds a few notches to her sound, whilst her vocals and the production continue to stand out through the track. Take a listen to ‘Tip of Your Thumb’ below.

Introducing | la lune – lucid

One of the most exciting artists emerging from Brighton at the moment, la lune, has returned with the latest track to be taken from her forthcoming debut EP. ‘lucid’ is not a world apart from the sound on which she has made her foundations, but there is a certain development that is palpable. Her vocals, ethereal as ever, are delivered with more power and conviction, and it raises the track a level immediately. Once again, her production is smooth and perfectly crafted to the song at hand, and the result is another track to lose yourself to. Check out ‘lucid’ below.

Introducing | Fenne Lily – For A While

Fenne Lily has been one of my favourite emerging artists since her debut track ‘Top To Toe’, and her record of releasing stunner after stunner has continued with her latest single ‘For A While’. It has been a fan favourite in her live set for a while, and its recorded form really brings its beautiful fragility to the fore. Her use of a band is once again sparse, emerging only every now and again to elevate her signature vocals further. Again, it is her incredibly mature songwriting that is so striking about her music, with both that and the delicacy with which she delivers it belying her age. Take a listen to ‘For A While’ below.

Introducing | Geowulf – Hideaway

Geowulf’s stock has been rising steadily over the past couple of years, and the pair have now announced their debut album, due for release via 37 Adventures in February, and unveiled the first track from it. ‘Hideaway’ is another example of the effortlessly likeable beach pop that the band have made their own. Influences from their native Australia are definitely there to be heard, but the disparity of their writing process (with one half living in London and the other between Sweden, Berlin, and Australia) would never be guessed, with the two’s strengths bouncing off one another. It’s another brilliantly catchy track from Geowulf, and stands them in good stead ahead of their album release.

Introducing | Her – We Choose

French band Her are back with the first single from their forthcoming debut album, ‘We Choose’. It is the first music to have been released by the duo since the tragic death of one of the founding members of the pair, after Simon Carpentier passed away from cancer in the summer. Her’s other half, Victor Solf, has described the process of completing their debut album as a remedy to his grief, and ‘We Choose’, though written in their early days, feels like the perfect testament to Simon. It is delicate, softly expanding as it goes, and the refrain ‘our wings are broke, but we’ll keep on gliding’ is poignant. Take a listen to ‘We Choose’ below.

Top Tracks – November 2017

Welcome in the countdown to Christmas with a countdown of sorts. Here are my top five tracks from the past month, and as always you can hear these and many more here.

Henry Green

Having been around for a while now and building his profile steadily, ‘Stay Here’ feels like a sort of coming of age for Henry Green. It is characteristically atmospheric, but with an added sense of maturity, and the result is breathtaking. With slick production behind it, his vocals are allowed to take centre stage and use their evocative potential, and it is undoubtedly his best work to date.

Dirty Nice

Dirty Nice’s debut single was one of my favourite tracks of 2016, and this year has seen them continue to build gradually on that foundation. On their third single, ‘It’s Happening’, there is the sense that they have released the shackles, showing a new side to their sound. It is direct, with a punchy riff that immediately grabs its listener and draws you into their mysterious world. It is their most obvious ‘single’ so far, and it should see them propelled to new levels.

Dahlia Sleeps

On the back of a handful of singles this year that have seen them raise their profile, Dahlia Sleeps have topped the year off with one of their most memorable tracks of their young careers. ‘Rise’ tackles an issue that unfortunately still needs tackling, with singer Lucy Hill remarking that, ‘very few members of the LGBTQIA+ community will have made it to where they are today without having had painful experiences of homophobia’. ‘Rise’ deals with one such experience, and Hill’s vocals capture the emotion behind the song perfectly. With a headline show lined up at the Lexington in March, ‘Rise’ has rightly turned the spotlight on Dahlia Sleeps.

Liz Lawrence

Making her return as a solo artist after around 3 years out with various other projects, Liz Lawrence marked her first release back in beautiful style. ‘Chainsmoking’ is subtle, softly setting itself apart from her Cash+David work, and it is the perfect example of what she does best, with gentle melodies working their way at you, whilst her vocals are allowed to take hold. Whatever comes next from her, it is a very exciting start of this next chapter.

Rosie Carney

Over the past year or so, Rosie Carney has consistently shown herself to be one of the most exciting singer-songwriters emerging at the moment. Her music is sparse and haunting, and ‘Winter’ is no different. I always remark that her music is stunningly mature for such a young artist, yet it is just as impressive every time, even when you’re expecting it. It is emotive and raw, with its fragility enchanting you along effortlessly. ‘Winter’ is another beautiful track from her, and tops off a very successful year.